Goal Setting: 3 Key Factors to Living Your Best Life in 2020

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As we begin to dream about the endless possibilities a fresh new year holds, our minds inevitably fall on new years resolutions. Do we make them and forget them, or double-down and turn them into achievements? 

Resolutions vs. Goals

There has been a recent movement eschewing resolutions in favor of goals, broken down and  benchmarked by attainable and measurable objectives. This system does much more to ensure our goals are met as long as we put in the work. Accountability is paramount to success. 

Resolutions or Goals? Call them what you want, but it?s important to take a step back and consider where you?ve been, where you are, and what and what you want to get out of the next years of your life. 

What are you going to do to make those dreams realities and how can you measure your success?

What Does Happiness Look Like? 

Though we tend to focus on the professional aspect of our lives in the real estate world, there is much more in life to achieving true success, fulfillment, and happiness. 

We?ve identified 3 focus areas to consider when setting your annual goals, revolving around the major compartments of  life. Quality of life for most adults in modern times depends on three key factors: self, work, and relationships. 

1. Self: Setting Personal Goals 

Personal goals can be broken down in terms of:

  • Physical fitness and health
  • Spiritual strength and emotional fulfillment
  • Mental toughness and attitude

2. Work: Setting Professional Goals

Professional success depends on:

  • Career advancement
  • Financial success
  • Knowledge and educational growth

3. Relationships: Setting Social Goals

The success of your relationships is about taking time for:

  • Friends and colleagues
  • Family and romance
  • Community and social life

Write it Down!

No really! 

Grab a pen and paper right now, bookmark this for later when you have time to yourself, or make it social by doing it with a friend or partner over a glass of wine. 

Think about how you would describe yourself in each of the above categories and subcategories five years ago, presently, and how you would like to improve in the future. 

Write Down each of the above categories and sub-categories, leaving enough space after each one to answer:

  • Where you were 5 years ago
  •  Where you are now
    • What did you do to get there? (good and bad)
  • Where you want to be in 5 years
    • What will you do to get there? 
    • What pitfalls should you avoid?

Your Goal Sheet

The ?what you will do to get there? portions within each subcategory are your goals. Write them on a separate goal sheet. Each one can be further broken down into measurable and attainable objectives and benchmarks.

For instance, if you have a goal of rekindling the flame in your marriage or romantic relationship, an objective might be date night once or twice each month. 


It?s easy to sit there with your new goal sheet and think about how much happier you?ll be in five years. However, unless you put in the sweat equity to actually make those goals realities, they?re just meaningless words on paper.

Take a look at your goal sheet at least quarterly to see how you?re measuring up against your plans. 

If you?ve enjoyed unprecedented success at work but you?ve had to cancel that ?date night? 75% of the time, you?re not exactly nailing your relationship goals and need to find a work-life balance.  

This helps you see where you?re killing it and where it?s time to double-down and refocus on hitting your objectives to win that end-goal prize: living your best life.

Don?t forget to pull out your goal sheet next year to determine your successes and challenges and reassess your goals for the coming year. 

So…what do you want to achieve and how are YOU going to make that happen? 

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