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Facebook Messenger Marketing Machine

The quickest and most effective way to get in contact with motivated Buyers & Sellers in your city. 

"You can’t afford not to work with Travis. He is very knowledgeable. Easy to work with. Great results and best customer service. Start practicing your script because a lot of leads are coming!"
Emiliano Lupi
Keller Williams Realty
Travis provides amazing services for Realtors. He has helped me setup successful Facebook ad campaigns that have generated several good buyer and listing leads. Plus helped me build up my pipeline with many future clients.
Alejandra Paladino
West USA Realty

Find Motivated Buyers & Sellers Immediately

Leverage Facebook’s massive traffic and intelligent algorithm to find buyers and sellers that are actively looking in your city.

Connect Without Needing Any Contact Info

Our advanced Facebook Messenger chatbot funnel allows the Realtor to connect with the lead instantly and without needing an email or phone number.

Dramatically Increase Your Opportunity to Sell

With open rates over 80%, you now have the ability to actually have a conversation which massively increases your chance to make a sale.

Automate Your Follow Up & Nurture Systems

Eliminate the speed to lead problem with marketing automation that follows up via SMS, phone calls, voice drops, and email until the lead responds.

Find Prospects Who aren't working with other agents

Many first time home buyers will be starting their journey, and won’t be working with any agent at all, giving you the chance to succeed.

Always stay on top of mind and build your brand

With ads and retargeting ads constantly running in your area, you will be in front of your target audience building your brand every day.

Battle Tested & Proven Results!

These are the numbers we see our agents get on average every month.


Leads & Subscribers

($300 ad spend Monthly Average)


Engagement & Messenger Bot Open Rates!


Qualified Leads / Appt

(If followed up with properly)

The Done-For-You Service

The Real Estate Messenger Marketing Machine

The Game Plan

Video Screen share Strategy Onboarding Kick off Call

After partnering with us, the first thing we do is get on a video conference call where we go over your market and plot the best course of action moving forward.

The Advertisement

Proven Ads (Bait), that Buyers & Sellers Are Attracted To

With over 70+ different types of offers, hundreds of funnels built, thousands of ads tested, and tens of thousands of advertising dollars spent; we know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing for your real estate business.

The Targeting

Geo Targeted Advertising In The Highest Traffic Areas

With over 2.5 billion people, Facebook is in the top three of the highest online traffic sources in the world and with the ability to display our ads in any location we want, combined with their intelligent algorithm, we are now able to display a high converting ads in front of the most relevant demographic imaginable.

The Funnel

Get Connected Right Away & scrub out the tire kickers

With the rise of robocalls, telemarketers and marketing automation; people are now more afraid to enter their contact info online than ever before.

That’s why we use Facebook Messenger Bots as our funnel to connect with a prospect right away while simultaneously asking for their contact information and scrubbing out the tire kickers.

The System

Exclusive CRM System With All the Bells & Whistles

We integrate with most CRMs on the market, but if you don’t have a CRM, we supply you with one.

Our advanced CRM system is easy to use and packs a ton of useful features.

  • Automated Follow Up
  • Power Dialer
  • SMS Texting
  • Email Integration
  • Call Recording
  • Nurture Drip Automation
  • And More!

The Follow Up

Marketing Automation Follow Up Drips That Trigger A Response

We eliminate the speed to lead problems most agents have with an automated system that sends out texts, phone calls, emails, voice drops and even Facebook messages reaching out to the lead until they respond.

The Nurture

180 Day, Pre-Made Value Packed Long-Term Nurture Drip Sequences

Each lead is also put on a value-packed, professionally written, long-term email nurture drip campaign that spans over 180 days.

The Training

Value Packed Online Members Portal With Videos, Scripts & Templates

Each member gets access to our online portal, complete with educational training videos, follow up scripts and marketing templates designed to help you turn online prospects into profitable clients.

The Support

Dedicated Project Manager & Support Staff

Get your questions answered in record time with your own dedicated project manager and amazing customer support staff.


Full Lead Concierge Follow Up Service

Don’t have time to follow up with every lead? We got you covered!

26 Real Phone Calls From a Full Service Trained Call Center

Forget following up with every lead yourself and let our human-powered, lead concierge service do the following up for you.

Each lead that enters your system will be followed with a phone call and text message up to 26 times over the course of 12 months.

Emails & Calendar Appointment Notifications

Because we focus on creating high converting campaigns specifically for the real estate industry; we are exposed to a level of real-world feedback in the real estate niche that most general marketing agencies couldn’t even imagine.

With all that feedback we get, we are able to see with clarity from the real world what works and what doesn’t.

Our Scientific Winning Ads Strategy

Because we focus on creating high converting campaigns specifically for the real estate industry; we are exposed to a level of real world feedback in the real estate niche that most general marketing agencies couldn’t even imagine.

With all that feedback we get, we are able to see with clarity from the real world what works and what doesn’t.

Then, every new agent who hops on board gets the best of the best campaigns proven to work and molded specifically to their brand.

It’s like having an army of agents using their advertising dollars to help you figure out exactly what works!

Connect to all the tools you already use

Every lead that we generate can be automatically funneled to your preferred CRM.

If you don’t have a CRM, we can supply you with an advanced one 100% free!

Let our clients speak for themselves

Battle tested, proven results

8 Days, 119 leads, 1 Showing, 3 in credit repair, 3 active, 2 showings coming up.

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Matt R. (Chicago, IL)

“The leads are qualified by the time they are delivered to us…”

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Joel M. (Phoenix, AZ)

“I’m really impressed with the quality of leads that were coming in!”

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Jason R. (Walnut Creek, CA)

“I was able to convert those 4 into current buyers and actually, we are closing on one of them this week!”

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Krystal O. (Flagstaff, AZ)

“I was able to setup 8 appointments and 3 listings!”

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Mike U. (Dallas, TX)

“I strongly recommend Travis, his prices are fair and he’s an expert in his field.”

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Alina G. (Glendale, CA)

Marketing Services

Between the marketing service cost, Facebook ad fee and $5 per lead lead follow up, in total expect around $900 – $1500 cost on average per month. Typical results are over 100 leads per month, 80% lead engagement, 15-30 qualified transfers & appointments. With a 1-6% appointment to sale conversion over 12 months. Sales conversion rate depends on the sales skills of the Agent and time.

Trusted by many of the top real estate companies around the world