Boost Your Real Estate Sales by Optimizing Your Schedule

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In the real estate world, if you don?t set yourself up for success, it?s not going to magically happen on its own. You?re going to have to pencil it in each day…or at least your plans for it. 

That being said, not even the most dedicated agent can check every box on their to-do list every day. Perfection is not only unattainable; it?s also far from what success is about. Life is bound to happen, and we?re not suggesting absolute rigidity in your routine. After all, it?s likely that a flexible schedule was one of the reasons you got into real estate in the first place. 

But here?s some cold hard truth: If you don?t schedule it, it won?t get done. 

Mapping out your days is what will keep you on track. Developing a written daily routine allows you to prioritize your tasks, utilize your time blocks, and measure your efficiency.

Here are 4 tips to help you stay on the straight and narrow path to winning more business and making more money:

Utilize Call-Time Blocks

Setting up appointments is the cornerstone of selling real estate, and yet call-time can be one of the first things to get pushed aside when something comes up. If you don?t take the time to make those daily calls, you won?t have appointments to attend. Fewer appointments mean fewer sales. 

The two best times to reach most people on the phone are:

  •  9-11 AM when they?ve settled their morning routine 
  • 4-6 PM when they?re wrapping up their day

Blocking off these times each weekday allows you to reach your goal number of people to talk to per day, week, month, and year. You don?t have to follow-through spending four hours each day on the phone. This extra time allows for some wiggle-room flexibility for when life happens. 

But if you don?t schedule it in, you?ll end up pushing it aside. 

Book Your Networking Meetings Around Food

This is your all-important networking time, and you might as well do it over a social activity like coffee or lunch because everyone?s got to eat, right? 

Whether you?re getting to know a new client or touching base with an old one; picking your mentor?s brain or showing the ropes to the new kid on the block; these meetings are important. They provide a chance to build rapport, keep your finger on the pulse in your market, and gain referrals and business opportunities. 

Develop a Winning Morning Routine

This is not about ?me time,? exercising, or affirmations. It?s about putting in actual work to set yourself up for success. Take a quick 30 minutes early in the morning to:

  • Refine the current day?s plan, editing, prioritizing, and revising as necessary.
  • Visit the MLS and go over your hot sheet so you?ve got the most up-to-date information.
  • Plan your client rapport. What witty banter will you whip out today to break the ice and get people interested? 

Deduce Your Ideal Appointment Times

After a few weeks of establishing your routines and setting up your meetings, what are the times that are left in your schedule for appointments? Are those the same times it works best for your clients and your personal life? 

Tweak your schedule to fit your unique life, community, and client base to block off available appointment times. Try to offer a mix of morning, evening, and weekend times to fit a variety of client needs. Then, make an effort to book your appointments in these time slots on your calendar. 

Make Scheduling Easy and Be Flexible

It is important to offer a quick and easy way for potential clients to schedule an appointment with you. Does your website offer a link to an online appointment scheduler? Using a scheduler like Calendly allows you to list times you?re available and lets your site visitors choose what works best for them within that frame. 

Though establishing an ideal schedule and routine is important, don?t forget to be flexible when necessary. Your online reviews are certain to reflect how willing you are to meet your client?s needs. Being too rigid in your routine will hinder sales rather than boost them. 

If you have clients with non-traditional availability, do what you can to accommodate your needs, even if it means interrupting your new carefully crafted routine. 

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