1 Week, 10 Leads, 4 Clients

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When it comes to creating a successful marketing campaign, there is no one size fits all that works for every market. Each location is different and with those differences come a different strategy, and different measures for success.

Today, I?m going to talk a little bit about my client Krystal who is based out of Flagstaff, Arizona and discuss some of the reasons why she is crushing it in her area.

If you have never heard of Flagstaff, don?t worry, you?re not alone. Most people haven?t. But Flagstaff is a beautiful small mountain town of 80,000 people located in northern Arizona.

Most people think of Arizona as nothing but a desert, but Flagstaff has stunning scenery with mountains, pine trees as far as the eye can see and all 4 seasons. A great place to visit, live and retire.

Now, most of my clients are Realtors who live in big cities with populations of around 700k+, but I get the occasional small-town agent every once and a while and when I do, I jump for joy.


Because I see incredible results every time I run a campaign in a small town for Agents.

I could go on for days about the many reasons why I think the agents who live in smaller cities generally crush it, but the main reason I think they are able to succeed more than the average big-city agent boils down to one thing?

Less competition.

It?s that simple.

You thought I was going to say something cheesy like ?A killer marketing campaign!? didn?t you?

Well, that does play a huge role, but to be completely honest with you, the lack of competition makes all our jobs just so much easier.

Now I know this stuff is relative and I?m sure there are agents in smaller cities right now reading this, rolling their eyes thinking ?What are you talking about, it?s crazy competitive where I live!?

But overall, in my experience, I have found, in general, they are just easier to get results for, compared to Agents in bigger cities.

Not to say Agents in big cities don?t get results. They do, but it?s more of a numbers game sometimes.

But less competition in the market also means less competition with your digital marketing and better results for me and my client!

So with that said, let?s talk about Krystal?s results.

The Results

Now I don?t have a ton of data to throw at this case study because the campaign is still new, but in less than a week, here are the results:

  • Days = 7
  • Daily budget = $10
  • Total Spent = $45
  • Leads = 9
  • Ave Cost Per Lead (CPL) = $5.10

Looking at the results, I admit, the cost per lead is a bit higher on average, but that’s because this is a smaller city.

And with a smaller city, there are fewer people to display your ad to.

There are pros and cons, with the cons being the higher cost per lead, but the pro means the lead quality is generally a lot higher.

And at the end of the day, it’s not about the Cost Per Lead (CPL), it?s about the Return On Investment (ROI)

But here is the real kicker with this campaign?

According to Krystal, and you can hear her tell you herself with this video below, but out of the 9 leads we generated in the first week, a total of 4 got connected with her lender and 1 is approved already!

Talk about delivery!

Now it?s only been a week and it?s a long road ahead. But If we can get 4 out of 10, then imagine what we can do when we funnel the profits back into the campaign and 1000 leads, or 10,000 leads?or? ok, I?ll stop now.

But lead gen is the name of the game and with a proper system in place, the sky is the limit.

Final Word

If you are interested in learning more about implementing a system like this in your business then book a call here.

On this call, I learn more about your business and your market and pull back the curtain exposing the current strategies we use to get results for our agents.

It?s a simple 100% free discovery call and I will not bite, so book a call here.


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